Respect life stellenbosch demonstration

Worldwide, each person consumes an average 34 kilograms of meat a year. But in Australia, we each gobble 90 kilograms, more than anywhere else except the US. However you carve it, that is a lot of flesh.

This rather shocking statistic is the launch pad for food writer turned gourmet farmer Matthew Evans’ three-part series, and it sets the tone immediately. Yes, he has an agenda. But don’t fret, carnivores – he’s not pushing the vegetarian barrow. He just wants us to become “conscious carnivores”, more knowledgeable, thoughtful and respectful about the meat we consume.Each episode focuses on a particular meat: chicken in the first week, pork in the second, beef in the third. Each looks at the means of production, subjecting it to scrutiny on ethical, economic and environmental grounds. And each looks at consumption, and how eating a little differently might make a huge difference in a whole raft of areas.

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