Brave cow attacks two men in attempt to rescue girl from being murdered in India

On May 19, CCTV captured graphic footage a cow appearing to rescue a young girl from being attacked by two men Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior area of India.Reports say the young girl, Seema Gujjar, displeased her father when she eloped with her 22-year-old boyfriend, identified only as Sonu. Seema’s age was not mentioned in local reports.At her father’s request, Sonu was arrested and put in jail. Seema refused to return home to her family after her boyfriend’s imprisonment, and opted instead to stay at a government-run shelter for women.It was there that security cameras captured a cow coming to her aid when she is brutally stabbed by two men, who were later identified as her father Kalyan Singh and her uncle Lakhan Singh. According to India’s Hindustan Times, the two men were carrying out an honor killing, which is when a person is killed over the belief that they have dishonored their family or community.

Security footage shows the cow charging at the men, forcing them to eventually flee. However, local media reported that Seema later bled to death due to her multiple stab wounds.

Local police say both Seema’s father and uncle have fled the city, and have yet to be found.


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