Photo posted in social networking Facebook by Nepalese youth from gulf become viral

This time a Facebook status from an account of Nepali person who is in foreign country for foreign employment. The status is ‘in this way, we will reached up rather than become a happy after the age of 40’. A song of Hemant Rana title ‘Saili’ is very popular which show the real story of Nepalese society about the foreign employment. The status is also based on that song.

Due to lack of employment facilities and high inflation rate, many Nepali active group people are in foreign countries including gulf and developed countries. Their one and only dream is to earn money for build a house and good development of their family. More than 60% Nepali active group people are in foreign countries facing the temperature above 40 Degree Celsius. Those who are in Japan, Singapore, USA, UK, Australia and other such developed countries make their life bright and spend happy life but those who are in gulf countries including Malaysia, Oman, Bahrain, India, spend their hard life. They work facing more than 40 Degree Celsius.

This time, another picture is also becoming a viral in social media sites. In that picture, a Nepali boy is selling the food items of eggs on sunlight where the temperature is more than 40 Degree Celsius. In the picture, people see all things like, need and value of money for the development of family, empty stomach and power of money in present time.

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