According to the astrologers Dreams and its result

According to the astrologers, human dreams gives the different meaning. It is connected with our future. Events and accident that shown in dreams gives different results. Those men who see women in different position in the dreams gives separate meaning.

The results in the future of the men who saw the dream of women in different position;

1. Old Women wearing white dresses;

Those men who saw an old women with white dress can earn lots of money in future with the social prestige and values.

2. Women with ornaments;

If you saw the dream of beautiful women wearing lots of ornaments and using cosmetics items, you will get success in your work and get profit.

3. Adult ladies;

If you saw an adult lady in the dream, you will get happiness and lots of property in future.

4. Beautiful women or angel;

If you saw an angel or beautiful lady, you will get happiness and lots of property as well conflict between family members will stop.

5. Quarreling with wife;

If you saw a dream of fighting with your wife, you will have to face the problems.

6. Laughing Women;

Those men who saw a laughing women in his dream will get lots of property.

7. Black and dirty women;

Those men who saw a dream of black and dirty women who wear black clothes will face the lots of monetary and familiar problems.

8. Talking with women;

If you saw a dream talking with women, you will get social prestige

9. Laughing an old women;

You will get happiness and good life if you saw an old women laughing in dreams.

10. Stay with women;

If a man saw a dream of staying with women will get happiness life in future.

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