Vastu Shastra and Construction of house

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture. It is also known as science of architecture. It has described about the good and evil directions while constructing a house. Some of them are as follows.

East direction

According to Vastu Shastra, it is assumed good if there is main door in the east direction. It also assumes good if the children study facing east direction.

South East Direction

Vastu tells that south east direction is related to fire and fire related work should be done in this direction. Kitchen should be made in this direction. Besides kitchen, we can make servants room and toilet in this direction.


This direction should be open. It is assumed as evil if there are holes and toilets in this direction. This direction is assumed good to keep wealth and money.

South West Direction

It is assumed good to have a room in south west direction for the head of the family. We should never make servants room, doors and windows in this direction.

West Direction

In this direction, we should make dining room and toilet.

North West Direction

It is assumed good to make bedrooms, garage and servants room in this direction.

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