Rabi Lamichhane came out with new update (Watch Video)

The program Sidha Kura Janata Sanga is most popular television program in the country. Who is celebreting 100th episode today. The concept of the program is designed by renowned television personality Rabi Lamichhane which follow same concept of sidha kura pradhanmantri sanga. This program not only talks about social circumtance but also try to solve throuh television. They are highly focus on all the bad activities around or society.

News making is the act of making the news or doing something that is considered to be newsworthy. When discussing the act of news making, scholars refer to specific models. Five of these models are the Professional Model, Mirror Model, Organizational Model, Political Model, and Civic Journalism Model.

The Professional Model is when skilled peoples put certain events together for a specific audience. The reaction of the audience is influential because it can determine the impact that the particular article or newspaper has on the readers. The Mirror Model states that news should reflect reality. This model aims to focus on particular events and provide accuracy in reporting.

The Organizational Model is also known as the Bargaining Model. It focuses on influencing various news organizations by applying pressures to governmental processes. The Political Model outlines that news represents the ideological biases of the people as well as the various pressures of the political environment.

This model mainly influences journalists and attempts to promote public opinion. The Civic Journalism Model is when the press discovers the concerns of the people and uses that to write stories. This allows the audience to play an active role in society.

Models of news making help define what the news is and how it influences readers. But it does not necessarily account for the content of print news and online media. Stories are selected if they have a strong impact, incorporate violence and scandal, are familiar and local, and if they are timely.

This program is broadcasted live on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for 45 minutes from 20:45 to 21:30. We are uploading every single episode from this webpage. watch it down below:

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