Girl fell to her death as they had ‘very strange, extravagant sex’ on a balcony

THIS is the dramatic moment a British tourist is arrested over the death of a Thai hooker who plunged five floors to her death as they had “strange and extravagant” sex on a balcony.

Police pounced on Reece Vella, 25, at 4pm local time yesterday following the death of bar girl Wannipa Janhuathon, 26, in the early hours of Saturday morning in Pattaya, Thailand.

This is the moment Reece Vella, 25, was arrested in the hours following the prostitute’s death

The prostitute suffered severe head injuries and multiple fractures after falling naked along with a half-empty packet of sex drugs from an apartment in the notorious tourist resort.

Police searched the empty room – finding clothes and used condoms – then began a manhunt for the foreign tourist amid suspicions that he had fled the scene following the death of the woman.

Heavily-built Vella, from Birmingham, West Midlands, was arrested yesterday afternoon at the nearby Route CC Roadhouse bar and was filmed producing two mobile phones from his pockets – one of which police claim was Wannipa’s handset.

In footage from the arrest, the tourist – who arrived in Thailand between three and four months ago – is heard asking to be un-cuffed before laughing as he says: “Can I have a cigarette now?’”.

Vella, 25, is interviewed by Thai police today after being arrested over the death of a Thai prostitute

He was caught at a nearby bar after fleeing the scene of her death

The holidaymaker answered questions from Pattaya Police Chief Apichai Krobpetch (far right) after the incident on Saturday morning at around 5.30am

The holidaymaker answered questions from Pattaya Police Chief Apichai Krobpetch (far right) after the incident on Saturday morning at around 5.30am

He later admitted to police that he had taken the hooker back to his rented room and “had sex in the bedroom then on the balcony before she fell”.

He then said he was “distraught” and returned to a different hotel.

Police Lieutenant Narong Chantra, deputy head of investigations at Pattaya Police, said Vella had been arrested on suspicion of “negligence causing others to die” and fled the scene in panic knowing that he was staying in the country illegally on an expired visa.

He said: “CCTV from the incident was examined and after checking evidence at the hotel the suspect was found to be Mr Reece Vella, a British citizen, aged 25 years.

Wannipa Janhuathon, 26, died after falling from the apartment balcony

She fell from a balcony on the fifth floor, cops said

She suffered severe head injuries and multiple fractures in the fall

“An arrest warrant was issued after evidence was presented to the court. The police case is that on the day of the incident Mr Vella visited the bar and paid to take Miss Wannipa away.

“Miss Wannipa and Mr Vella were having very strange, extravagant sex on the balcony until she fell down below and died.

“Mr Vella was in shock and knowing that he had overstayed his visa ran away and kept her mobile phone in his bag and left the room.

“Mr Vella has been arrested on suspicion of negligence causing others to die, overstaying his visa in excess of 59 days and stealing a motorcycle at night. The foreign suspect will be processed and prosecuted in accordance with the law.”

Vella has been arrested on suspicion of “negligence causing others to die”, cops said

The bar girl, also known by the nickname Joy, had moved from her home town in Sakon Nakhon province, and was working at Sky Bar in the city’s bustling Soi 6 street which is lined with hundreds of prostitutes working in bars and massage parlours.

Thai police said that Vella arrived at the venue earlier in the evening before agreeing a fee of around £35 (1,500 baht) then leaving with Wannipa and going to a room at the nearby Cosy Beach View condominium block.

But police claim that the pair had been having what translates as “fancy or extravagant” sex on the balcony before Wannipa fell to her death – along with a packet of Kamagra oral jelly which was found next to her body at around 5.30am local time.

The incident occurred in Thailand’s notoriously seedy Pattaya resort (file picture)

Sources close to the investigation said that the packet of Viagra-related gel which fell along with her body, gave them the first clue that Wannipa had not been alone – and had actually been mid-way through sex when she plunged naked to the ground.

The building’s security guard Kriengsak Khamchachai, 23, described hearing a “loud crash” as the Wannipa hit the floor.

He then walked over and saw her body in a pool of blood before raising the alarm.

Paramedics arrived and performed CPR on Wannipa – who was still alive – but she was later pronounced dead in hospital.

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